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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Feeling anxious

Hello, just feeling really anxious at the moment. My partner doesn’t understand. I don’t know why he just can’t be here for me when I feel like this.


Re: Feeling anxious

It's hard @Kitten I'm sorry to here that anxiety is bad atm. It can feel lonely when someone close doesn't get it.

Are there things that have helped in the past? Sometimes I just have to wait it out. Take care.

Re: Feeling anxious

Hi @Kitten , hope your feeling better today and your partner might be a bit more supportive.  Anything particular that has you worried?


It's nice to meet you by the way Smiley Happy

Re: Feeling anxious

hello @Kitten and welcome
Would you like to share what is making you anxious? maybe we could help with some tips or share experiences on what has helped us before.

Re: Feeling anxious

Hey @Kitten, sometimes people, including the ones we love, don't quite understand how to approach us when we're anxious, for fear of making us feel worse. Have you been able to chat with someone about how you are feeling currently? 

Re: Feeling anxious

hello @Kitten , sending you hugs , how is things tonight my friend

Re: Feeling anxious

Thank you all for the messages. I am feeling better than I did.


I am not sure why but I get anxious feelings that my partner is going to leave me. I feel insecure but not sure why. He asked me to marry him last year and we are engaged. He suffers himself from ptsd.  I get worried he isn’t happy with me. 


He is not the talking type but I am. He is sweet is home in his own way and treats me very well. 


Has anyone got any advise or is in the same sort of situation that can offer anything? 


Thank you all. I appreciate it so much xx

Re: Feeling anxious

We're glad to hear that you are feeling better @Kitten, it may be worth going to your GP and seeing if they can refer you the best person to talk to regarding anxiety and not feeling good enough. Are you also planning a wedding as well? That may also increase your anxiety as well.

Re: Feeling anxious

im glad to hear your feeling better @Kitten though im sorry you get anxious about your relationship. to an extent this is normal, you dont want to loose him so its natural to be worried if he will leave you. If this becomes to much though it might be a good idea to talk to a professional to work through what is causing you to feel he will leave you.

perhaps @Shaz51 @Ali11 @Appleblossom @greenpea @eth @frog may be able to provide some relationship advice.

Re: Feeling anxious

Hello and welcome to the forums @Kitten   Thanks for the tag @outlander 

Can't really offer relationship advice as such sorry because it's so long since I was in one.  I hear you.  But I can say @Kitten  just from my own experience that there is such a thing as endogenous anxiety, which I have had for many years, where it's like the anxiety biochemistry is happening underneath everything and I kind of find something to focus it on subconsciously.  Not sure if this even makes sense.  But I agree with others that it may well be worth talking to a doctor about your feelings as there are treatments that can really help.  Wish you well, take care Eth 

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