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florenceforty - profile picture

I seriously CAN'T win.

I had work tonight. As I mentioned in my last post, I asked my manager to move me to a different section, just so I'm away from my ex, at least until I can take a br ... Read more

saltandpepper - profile picture

Views on Depression

Why do we need to correct and fix bad emotions or feelings? Maybe part of the problem when we feel like shit is that we think it's bad and wrong and that in turn makes us ... Read more

LostAngel - profile picture

The Overwhelming /anxious feeling that I need to leave

Hi everyone Ill just type out exactly what needs to be said hope you dont mind to start off with all in all today wasnt a bad day it was more of a weird day emotionally w ... Read more

QueenBubsy - profile picture

Its my story and My time to tell it - This stuff needs to be seen and read and talked about - Survivor of 5 years of Domestic Violence!!

After a few false starts, I have finally completed my first Psychology session with my new Psychologist, poor bloke, he didnt get a word in edge ways and I verbally spewe ... Read more

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