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Looking after ourselves

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Well done on this health results @tennisplayer69 



I can see that you have accidently crosses one of the Forun Guidlines boundaries, so you will receive an email from one of the moderators to let you know what needs to be tweaked before re-posting.


I try to including waking in my every day activities, which supports my physical health and mental balance, but I am not harsh with myself when it doesn’t come together ..... it’s regular and substantial, and that’s what matters.


I also focus on self-care to keep my mental and emotional balance under very stressful circumstances.


Are you a gardener ?  Interested in art or craft ?  We have social threads where like-minded people chat over hobbies and interests here.


Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Just Joined, it’s great to read all of the replies as everyone has their life struggles, I feel encouraged by everyone being here and sharing. Thanks Everyone! - My goals are simpler now: 1. 8hrs Sleep, 2. Eat 3 meals every day, 3.Interact and converse with strong friendly, stable people. - It’s sounds simple but really it’s as though I’m on my knees picking up and reassembling the broken pieces of my life.

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Hi @Cc77  A warm welcome to the SANE forum. I am moderating the forum this evening and noticed that you are a new member and have posted for the first time. It is great to have you aboard. We all hope you find the forum most useful. Feel free to familiarise yourself with the guidelines and please reach out to forum members or the moderators if you need any help with posting or navigating.

If you need additional mental health assistance make use of the SANE Help Centre via the  Helpline ph 180017 7263 or the email





Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Hi and welcome to the forums @Cc77 .


It is often enough to just “have a day” when we are battling and / or in recovery. Just putting one foot in front of the other is an achievement when the going is tough.  Good on you .... you’re doing it !

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Thanks, much appreciated. I will familiarise. It’s good to find a supportive community where people care about each other’s trials and battles. No one should feel alone. Good night.

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Welcome @Cc77 Smiley Happy


Hi all on the thread @Teej @Appleblossom @frog @Faith-and-Hope @Shaz51 how are you all going? 


I'm off to a good start today

- short, high intensity workout, 5km walk, yoga, shower

- made porridge & ate it (yuck, i just eat it cos it's good for you!)

- load of washing

- scrubbed shower screen, came up a treat

- off to buy cat food ingredients then work in the arvo, dinner w friends tongiht for a treat


Hope everyone has a peaceful Friday & can find motivation to do what you need to Cat Happy


Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Showered (first time in 2 days) ✅


Got myself to class ✅


Class was last-minute cancelled, so got to have breakfast (chia porridge) and coffee earlier than 1st break ✅


Thinking about starting homework assignments in the library with this time, but still feeling wiped out energy-wise.  Might just rest instead ♻️


Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

@BryanaCamp  WTG

Smiley Happy

My time management can really vary re productivity.  Some hours I get a heap done ... other hours not so.

Smiley Happy

Today we had a meeting, showed him washing machine again ... but all good ... keeping a chugging along approach is fine.  Happy people are usually a little busy.

Smiley Happy

 @Faith-and-Hope So good to have you back ... if rest is what you need ....


Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

❤️🍏🌸 @Appleblossom .....

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

hello @Faith-and-Hope , @Teej , @Appleblossom , @BryanaCamp , @Cc77 , @greenpea , @frog , @Gazza75 

today we cleaned 2 houses , one was for 2 hours and the other one was for 4 hours

got home at 3pm after visiting my mum

and had a shower , put the washing on and now relaxing xxxx

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