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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

people in public making annoying comments


I have to face the public - retail - so it's something I have to put up with

I had one bloke make a comment about 'making me sweat' - not sure exactly the hidden

meaning behind the comment but I replied - told him it's hard to sweat with this weather .....then he asked me what sort of weather I prefer blah blah blah ..maybe he

realised I was annoyed.....

It wasn't even much work to do - only a minute or two easy for me so what was he getting at?


I'm glad most of 'them' aren't like that - it would be a long day listening to all of the comments




Re: people in public making annoying comments

@jamesle2015  Hey Jamesie2015 don't worry the guy was just being a dhead without a life and wanting to put his miseries on you. Rise above it. I couldnt cope with dealing with the public in the workplace you do really well. Hoping you have a great day. peax

Re: people in public making annoying comments

We're so sorry that someone said something untoward to you @jamesle2015, it's definitely not cool. Some people are just so rude and go out of their way to make others feel as uncomfortable as possible. It's great that you replied, was there some surprise in his voice when he replied back? 

Re: people in public making annoying comments

not sure if he was surprised but he probably kept talking to cover up his mistake...maybe he realised how annoying he was

Re: people in public making annoying comments

the problem is its not only the customers - its manager as well

Manager is big problem as cannot 'change' them -

they never change their personality or bad habits as any workers know we

have to put up with it no choice

So if you have a good manager you feel relieved

I should be grateful I don't face the same manager every day as I change workplaces


Re: people in public making annoying comments

I wish less of these dodgy people existed


Imagine if every customer was nice - it would make things a lot easier


Makes me feel more grateful for the good customers




Re: people in public making annoying comments

Maybe it was his way of making conversation with you,

Re: people in public making annoying comments

It can be difficult managing difficult people @jamesle2015, especially if they are managers. Do you have any strategies when talking to your manager?

Re: people in public making annoying comments

I'm too tired to play games with manager - all these things like 'strategies' - I think

you are referring to clever ways of replying to negative comments or using psychology or something - I know it won't work it won't change anything.

I cannot say too much about the situation as you know for privacy reasons but with this

sort of manager makes life difficult - constantly micromanaging and looking for ways to criticise worker  even for minor mistakes that have no real impact on the business.

Of course it is a manager's job to let the worker know if they need to improve or whatever

but there is a way of expressing it that shows respect for the worker - you know what I mean - not telling them off constantly or commenting in front of customers about minor problems - that is very bad to say things in front of customers.

You can imagine it can be a bad environment to work in if manager is like this.

As I mentioned before I don't have to work with same manager every day but it's still

not a good situation to be in.

If I want to escape I have to find a new job but that is another big problem for me.

Re: people in public making annoying comments

Apologies @jamesle2015, when we talk about strategies, it's not really about games but rather about how to approach different personality types. Have you ever heard about the colour personality approach? You may be interested in reading about it here.  

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