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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor


I always have trouble getting to sleep

I have neck pain as well



Re: Insomnia

@jamesle2015  Hi Jamesie2015 I have a dreadful sleep pattern. Am here if you want to talk. peaxx

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Re: Insomnia

We're sorry to hear that you have trouble sleeping @jamesle2015, is neck pain constant for you? 

Re: Insomnia

Hi @jamesle2015 @Ali11 @greenpea 

I usually try and bore myself to sleep when I'm struggling.  I count backwards from 100 visualising the numbers in my head.  It's similar to counting sheep.  I read today about a podcast called 'sleep wth me' which does basically the same thing.  I also find I sleep better if I stick to exercising and also a regular sleeping pattern where possible.


It's going to be harder with neck pain.  

Re: Insomnia

We've heard that exercise does help with sleep @Gazza75, it's almost as if you use up all of your batteries and energy so you go to sleep flat. There's also a ton of apps out there which provide noise or stories that are meant to help you fall asleep too. Counting backwards sounds good - do you get far in your countdown? 

Re: Insomnia

@Ali11 not usually  it's a skill I have practiced for nearly 30 years. 

Re: Insomnia

That is a great skill @Gazza75, do you have any tips to someone who is struggling to get to sleep and looking to count backwards? 

Re: Insomnia

Previously listening to AM radio helped me to go to sleep
Maybe because I lost concentration when they were talking

Re: Insomnia

Hi @Ali11 @jamesle2015 @greenpea ,


I think taking deep breaths, slowing down your breathing if your feeling a little angsty.  Also taking your time and visualising each digit of the number.  It's not very often that I make it down to 90.  

Re: Insomnia

We've just found a link for a guided meditation to help sleep, one that we used many years ago with some success. Not once did we get all the way through...

This is an old hypnosis tape I found. I claim no ownership of the audio. If you can identify it I would love to find the original author so I can acquire more. Image:

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