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Re: not feeling good

Hi @BlueBay ,


Sorry about the throbbing headache and lack of sleep.  I would ask your doctor and hopefully they can assist you as its something that can compile and make everything more diffucult.  I had real troubles sleeping last year when I had my breakdown, similar to you with a head full of racing thoughts.  It sounds like your really trying and it must be frustrating and compounded with the headaches.  Hoping you can find som relief and peace ASAP.


I remember talking to my psychologist about it and she said any more then 2 o 3 days of bad sleep you should take something.  I have only needed to do that on a handful of occasions in the last year.


I can only suggest thinking and working on one thing at a time so its clear in your mind and maybe you can work through whatever it is and resolve it.  Feel some accomplishment and/or satisfaction in that.  


As @Maggie said maybe getting out for a few hours will help.  Fingers crossed.  Take care and lots of love Smiley Happy Heart

Re: not feeling good

@Gazza75 @Maggie 

Just rang my doctor. He won’t give me anything to help me sleep. Why? 

I need something. 

He says try walking - I’m bloody doing thst 

hes ssys try meditation - doing that 


I just want to sleep 

I need something 


why won’t he help 😢😢


Re: not feeling good

@BlueBay, I really don't know.  I just went to a chemist and asked them for something.  You don't need a prescription for them here.  I've only ever got one packet and very rarely need to take them.  They worked quite quickly and well for Me. 


Hopefully you only need to take them for a night or two and then you will be back on track.


Wallking sounds like a very lame answer to Me.  It's going to help sure, but, its not a real solution.


Hang in there. *Hugs*  HeartHeart

Re: not feeling good

I work in pharmacy @Gazza75  

i will speak to the pharmacist on tiday. I have a feeling my doctor doesn’t want me to become “addicted” to these tabs. I only want them fir a few nights. Damn. 

Maybe I could email my psych. 



Re: not feeling good



I was going to suggest psych, but, it might not be necessary. 


I don't think you will have any dramas getting them and it might do you the world of good.  I get really worried when people struggle with sleep as it basically ruined my life. Heart

Re: not feeling good

@BlueBay  Sounds like a good suggestion @Gazza75  has made, anything’s worth a try.

Re: not feeling good

Seeing the doc might be a good idea my friend. Sleep is important for us especially when dealing with MH.
You place a lot of pressure on yourself with all that's going on around you. It's understandable you are struggling.
Even just small things can help make those burdens lighter.

Re: not feeling good

@Hamsolo01 @Maggie @Gazza75  I’ve emailed my psychiatrist rooms. They replied and they will speAk to my psych about a script. I bet he says no too. 


Re: not feeling good

Fingers crossed @BlueBay Heart

Re: not feeling good

@Hamsolo01 @Maggie @Gazza75 @Shaz51 @Dec 

I really hate and am angry that my doctor dismisses my physical health complaints as part of my mental illness. 

I’m sure that if I didn’t have a mental illness he would have given me the meds. 

But because of the risk he doesn’t give me any. 

But I could go to another doctor and get some. 

Trying to rest. My headache is still lingering. 

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