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Looking after ourselves

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

I had zucchini “spaghetti” for the first time last week in a vego cafe with my bro and SIL. There is a device you can buy from kitchen shops to make that, so spaghetti can stay on the menu with vego or not-vego choices, deconstructed, with a vego sauce plus separate bowl of mince for those who want to un-vego that in-situ ......

Realising I could do this made mealtimes possible. You can even ask the kids to place an order with you ahead of time. I cook steak for some and fish for others, as long as I have enough warning about what to buy...... and cooked lentils in tomato sauce can be on standby in the fridge, or tins of chickpeas, beans etc in the cupboard.

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

😁 ...... 🎩
(can’t find a wand .... you’ve got a magician’s top hat instead)


Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Got a spiraliser for Xmas @Faith-and-Hope 😊. It does it a bit fine but working on getting it right. S1 has been using it. The pasta he bought me the other day was both spaghetti and zucchini spaghetti which was nice. 

Love the magicians hats. Just a sideline, I saw The Greatest Showman recently and loved it. I’m pretty sure you’d love it too......the top hat made me squirrel 😆

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

😁 @Teej .....

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Hi @Faith-and-Hope thanks for tagging me in this. Something I struggle with so much.

I have got up

Had something to eat

Feed dog and kidlets

Done a load of washing.

Yay me, more that I did yesterday so that has to be good.


Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

You are so far ahead of me @Former-Member 💜😄. Better get my skates on and get off the forum but it has helped so much to be here. 

Well done and yay you on getting that far already. 😊💜👍⭐️

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

That’s excellent not for a “frozen” day @Former-Member ...... well done ❣️

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Take two ....... 🎬

That’s excellent for a “frozen” day @Former-Member ...... well done ❣️

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Hi @Teej@Faith-and-Hope, @Former-Member, @Robert01 and anyone passing through here, hope today is as productive as possible for all. Smiley Happy

So glad you restarted this thread, @Teej. The first one you started really helped me at times in the past. I especially remember it saved me when I had to do a big, urgent cleaning for a flat inspection and had absolutely no motivation. This thread got me moving and through what needed to be done, and all was fine with the agent. Dratit, we've got another one coming up early February, they do them every three months, which I think is excessive given we've been living here for four years and there's never been a problem. But I'm putting off the big clean until closer to the date.

Today, I've done nothing much except sleep and be on the forum. But I am planning to get myself out on the beach for a big walk in about an hour. That might kick me into gear to do some other stuff, though my body is in a bad state today with Crohns problems, a strained right arm and a swollen uvulu on waking (never had that before, not nice!) I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow so won't worry about that until then.

Wishing everyone well with motivation today. Smiley Happy

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

ouch @Mazarita

that sounds very uncomfortable....

pleased to hear that you are off to the gp to get that looked at and hopefully diagnosed with some solutions..

I need help in getting out of the house...

also decluttering.,

also.....etc etc etc etc etc etc..

@Teejany suggestions...

another suggestion for dinner with family if weather nice a bbq...with vegetable/fruit/meat/poultry whatever and tossed green salads with whatever each fusspot likes..sorry have been there with two sons...

also get them involved in preparation for some and cooking for some....a big clean up while you sit back with a glass of whatever your favourite tipple is...

looking forward to hearing the next part of your story..

hello to all other goal setters,,,motivators in need and passers by checking in...

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