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Looking after ourselves

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in


left out main idea....skewers!!!!!!

grr need help with a new head please...

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Hi @Former-Member, glad for your kind words about my wonky state of health today. I have had my hour long walk though, and feel a bit better for it, though it was a bit of a physical struggle, as usual. Smiley Happy

In terms of getting out of the house, what needs doing out there today? If nothing, what might be interesting to do? Alternatively, is there somewhere you could just go for a bit of a walk? I find my days are so much better if I get out of the flat. Hope you manage it today. Heart

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Hello @Mazarita

@it is very puzzling and frustrating..

I have been an avid walker and hiker for most of my life...I did a marathon once.

no it is a mental blocking working on it in therapy...he believes it is tied in with an incident..

amazingly though I made a pact with eudemonismI...he did hid walk yesterday..I couldn't.

so today after psyche session stopped myself thinking..put on walking shoes..

am still disassociated with environment..pushed myself and did 30 weird if car came towards me felt very uncomfortable..

will just keep on pushing if I can..

good that you got the hour in..

will try to walk somewhere different if I can get out again tomorrow..

oh almost forgot...watered pot plants and garden beds by hand ..couple of hours felt pumped after..

hope that you are feeling better.. 

What are your goals for tomorrow?


Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

@Former-Member, awesome that you did the walk today! Couple of hours of hand watering is good too. Hope you can manage to get out again tomorrow. Smiley Happy

I am feeling much better tonight than I did this morning. Tomorrow I have appointments - bussing it to the GP and later meeting up with a friend I haven't seen for months. We're meeting on the beach, so will get in another walk. Smiley Happy

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check injoy the company..Te

Hello @Mazarita

sounds wonderful catching up with a friend and at the beach too..walking along the sand and wading through the sea is one of my favourite things..

enjoy the walk..time with friend and lovely sea air...

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check injoy the company..Te

Hello @Teej @Former-Member @Mazarita @Faith-and-Hope @Former-Member this is a good thread. Sometimes it's a day at a time, some times hour by hour... my goal is to get through my work day and have enough left over tonight for household stuff. At the moment that feels enormous. So my immediate goal is to get off the computer and take my dogs for a short walk. Hope all of you can achieve something that you want to today, and feel good at the end of it.

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check injoy the company..Te

This is a good thread @Teej looking for some motivation atm, but would prefer the magic wand.

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

had to laugh when I read your response again...

what needs doing out there today?

there is so much ongoing hard work here on the 5 acres...

we have both run out of steam ages ago..

I did push myself to make a thank you @Teej for starting this thread and thank you again @Mazarita for giving me some suggestions...

last night I said to husband I am going out to prune tomorrow morning at 10am before it gets too hot..

well I have been outside for over two and a half hours ...pruning...watering,...

there is so so so much more to do...

I am exhausted now....too tired to go for a walk ...will do some stretches...

my dissociation with the outside environment is still there but not as powerful...very pleasing and encouraging...

tomorrow my goal is to get in the shower...wash hair...have breakfast and get to card game by 10am..

hope that your appointment had some benefits for you ...even relief of talking about things helps me temporarily at least..

good luck to all others with motivation and goals...

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

@Former-Member, I think your two and half hours of pruning and watering more than qualifies as getting out of the house. Awesome. Glad to hear your dissociation feelings are lessening when you leave the house. Sounds like you've got good activities planned for tomorrow too.

@frog, I admire your ability to work and do household stuff while struggling with mental health. Taking the dogs for a walk, another good thing. 

@Maggie, magic wands welcome here too.

How have you gone today, @Teej@Faith-and-Hope, @Former-Member, @Robert01? Hope there was something in the day that brought a sense of achievement. If not, there is always this evening or tomorrow.

I've had a busy day that actually wound me up too much so that I am still feeling very buzzy inside, too buzzy. All went well but just had to move and converse with a lot more speed and intensity that I usually go at. Getting active often does speed me up a bit too much, which I think relates to my bipolar, that tendency to be either too inactive and can't move, or too active and can't slow down. But I have the flat to myself for now. There's a gentle breeze now coming through the window and I am slowly calming down as I write here. This is what I've done today:

  • shower, dress, breakfast, forum
  • bus to the next suburb
  • walk to chemist to fill prescriptions and get other stuff
  • walk about a kilometre to GP, including a hill
  • long wait at the doctors so I went and had a coffee in a cafe
  • gave my card to the cafe owner as they run film screenings there and may like my stuff
  • saw the doctor
  • walk back to the shops to do other errands, involving quite a bit more walking
  • bus back home
  • make myself some lunch
  • change out of sweaty clothes and basin wash (I sweat at the drop of a hat)
  • friend came to visit and intensive conversation for almost two hours

Not much by 'normal' standards. But by my standards, a BIG day!

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

@MazaritaI wouldn't say that is a big day but a huge day! Time for a bit of self care Heart

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