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Caring about not caring for thread

Hello and welcome to topic tuesday thread
tonight at 7pm we will be having our topic  tuesday --"Caring about not caring for   "

Re: Caring about not caring for thread


Re: Caring about not caring for thread

Hello @Georgie_Girl , see you at 7 pm xx 

Re: Caring about not caring for thread

@Lauz Smiley Very HappyHeart

Re: Caring about not caring for thread

hello @Mrsjones , @Ppp , @outlander , @Lauz , @Darcy 

have opened this thread if you like to keep chatting tonight  @CheerBear , @Teej 

Re: Caring about not caring for thread

Thank you @Shaz51, this is the 1st time Ive used a forum like this to talk to others about what we are going through. Never thought it would be so comforting.

Re: Caring about not caring for thread

hugs @Mrsjones 

we have som social threads too my friends

I will tag some wonderful carers to say hello

@Faith-and-Hope, @Darcy , @Determined , @Smc , @outlander 


Re: Caring about not caring for thread

hello @Mrsjones and welcome!
im glad to hear that you find talking to others here is comforting 😊🌻

Re: Caring about not caring for thread

Hi and welcome to the forums @Mrsjones .


It is very comforting being here.  I am glad you found us.  It continues to be a massive support for me, as I hope it will be for you too.


I just followed along with Tooic Tuesday tonight but didn’t feel up to posting.  Things have been very tricky for us lately.


My husband appears to have some sort of mixed mental illness state that is undiagnosed, and has been since it triggered ten years ago, with eating disordered behaviour being the most obvious feature, although even this is masquerading publicly as a healthy lifestyle for those unaware of the hidden behaviours.  He underwent a personality and values change, but is completely lacking in insight that this has happened, or that he is in any way unwell.


We have stabilised things as much as we can around him to try to hold the fort, so to speak, but It is causing a progressive deterioration of everything that I am unable to do anything about without a diagnosis and intervention which may never happen.


Self-care is high on the agenda, and I have returned to study as a distraction and panacea.

Re: Caring about not caring for thread

Hi @Faith-and-Hope @Shaz51 @outlander @Mrsjones @Lauz  and anyone else here.  I missed last night's topic Tuesday unfortunately.  I cared for and raised a child (now 30) who is legally blind, has complex PTSD and anxiety and depression, and acute dysphoria (feeling they were in the wrong body).  They are now transgender and had surgery last week so I'm going to visit for 10 days to support them so the need for care continues, although at a distance.  At the same time I also had complex PTSD, depression and anxiety disorders, postnatal depression for a long time, and undiagnosed bipolar 1.  These days my adult child is fiercely independent (re vision issues), a parent of 2 beautiful happy children, but still has the MH problems.  And so do I, except I was eventually diagnosed with the bipolar 1 ten years ago.  

We are relatively stable these days, tho' it's still a recovery journey requiring constant management for each of us.

So I'd like to join this discussion and also hope to be able to offer support where relevant.

Take care all.

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