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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves
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Hi @Faith-and-Hope @Shaz51 @outlander @Mrsjones @Lauz  and anyone else here.  I missed last night's topic Tuesday unfortunately.  I cared for and raised a child (now 30) who is legally blind, has complex PTSD and anxiety and depression, and acute dysphoria (feeling they were in the wrong body).  They are now transgender and had surgery last week so I'm going to visit for 10 days to support them so the need for care continues, although at a distance.  At the same time I also had complex PTSD, depression and anxiety disorders, postnatal depression for a long time, and undiagnosed bipolar 1.  These days my adult child is fiercely independent (re vision issues), a parent of 2 beautiful happy children, but still has the MH problems.  And so do I, except I was eventually diagnosed with the bipolar 1 ten years ago.  

We are relatively stable these days, tho' it's still a recovery journey requiring constant management for each of us.

So I'd like to join this discussion and also hope to be able to offer support where relevant.

Take care all.

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