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Personal alarms

Hi, my husband, while reasonably independent, uses a frame to get around due to sec ere arthritis in his knees and spine. He is a high falls risk. I have bought him a mobile phone and set it up so that with one press of a button he can either call me, or emergency, but he refuses to carry it with him, rendering thus solution useless.
So we are looking at a personal alarm. He doesn't want a pendant as they "label" him. Obviously I don't want to but one of those given his reaction to the phone.
I've read that there are various watch versions, with GPS, wireless, button which will send out a message to various phone numbers, two way voice contact etc etc.
The price for the different brands varies widely. Could owls provide information on their experiences with different ones so that I can make an informed choice?

Re: Personal alarms

Excuse the autocorrect errors Smiley Happy

Re: Personal alarms

Hi @Isteri Smiley Happy

It sounds like you are looking into a Personal Emergency Response Device. This isn't something I have knowledge on I'm sorry, but I'm wondering if your GP or Carers Australia could help you find some answers? 

@Shaz51 and @Darcy do you know of anyone on the forums who might have relevant information on these devices, what's worked etc.?

Thank you Smiley Happy

Re: Personal alarms

I don't have experience with these @Faith-and-Hope  might...

Re: Personal alarms

Hi everyone ...,, 😊

No personal experience with them other than my grandma had a pendant one 20years ago.

Watch type ones sound far less obvious.

Sorry I can't help you more than that, but if you look up three different surpliers, then call and ask which they would advise and why, you are likely to get some comprehensive feedback.

Perhaps call a nursing home that has independent living chalets as part of their complex and ask their liaison officer about them. They might have valuable feedback about what works best and why too.

Re: Personal alarms

Thanks everyone. Billy and I have decided on a watch with 24/7 monitoring. Gives him independence without people realising that it's actually a safety device

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