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Re: Good Morning!

@BlueBay  hi how are you doing today?

 I am having a quiet day pretty rainy and cold here. I went to the movies with my wife and daughters and we have gone out for lunch and our son has come as well 😊

Re: Good Morning!

@Sturgeon  Hi Sturgeon .... good question. I just deleted all my incoming because the notifications were all driving me crazy Smiley Happy. Now I make friends on Sane and they notify me of posts or if I find a topic I will ask if I can join in the conversation or start my own post.


A good person to ask would be @Faith-and-Hope . I am sure she would know. I am just not that computer literate lol. Love greenpea xxx

Re: Good Morning!

good afternoon @Ant7 , @greenpea , @Sturgeon , @Adge , @BlueBay Heart

Heyyyy @Adge , which moderator`s birthday today ??

@Re: Good Morning!

Good afternoon @Shaz51


Re: Good Morning!

Hi @greenpea @Sturgeon  @Ant7  @Adge  @Shaz51 and anyone else around .....


@Sturgeon I have never been able to work out what the Spoiler thingy is, or how it gets activated.  As far as I can see everyone just ignores it.  It might be something that gets clicked on accidentally.  Sometimes it’s empty when you open it, or contains some sort of repeat of visible text ..... dunno.  It likely has some sort of function but it has not made sense to me.


Anybody else know ?  Not sure who is on the weekend mod team this weekend, but the tech team might be able to advise us during the week.

Re: Good Morning!

Thanks for your kind thoughts @greenpea muchly appreciated

Re: Good Morning!

Re: Good Morning!

Good morning everyone 😊

St Patrick’s day 

wishing you all a nice day ❤️

I’m organising lunch for my sons birthday. BBQ and salads and choc cake 

can’t believe he’s 26 today 


Re: Good Morning!

Morning everyone


Hope the birthday BBQ is really enjoyable @BlueBay - you're a lovely mum!


I'm a good part Irish and love green! So Happy St Patrick's Day to one and all!


@Faith-and-Hope @eudemonism @Shaz51 @Shaz51 @Ant7 

Image result for st patrick's day frog

Re: Good Morning!

@frog  Good morning how are you doing today ❤️

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