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Re: Dark Skies

Love that image @Wanderer  It is so bright and vibrant Smiley Very Happy

I hope the silage payment issue is sorted quickly - it is very frustrating when someone tries to back down on an agreed price so hoping it is worked out very soon for you.

Glad despite that happening that you had a good day yesterday. I ended up going to my sister's for dinner and it was a really lovely evening. We may even make it a regular thing but that will depend on what I need to get done in the future for work.

Hope today is a good day for you Smiley Very Happy

Re: Dark Skies

Good day so far @Zoe7 


Sounds like you had a good day as well. Smiley Happy Smiley Happy


The silage issue seems to have been resolved but at some cost to myself. It is the last silage I will ever be doing so enjoying the end of that.


Hoping for the rest of the day to be good as well, for yourself as well. Ddin't sleep last night so I needed the break.




Th people in the pic are real and it is a moving art peace where people walk around inside it. Really interesting stuff.


Re: Dark Skies

I did think it was a real photo @Wanderer  - really beautiful Smiley Very Happy

Glad the silage issue has been resolved despite it has been at a cost to you. Will be good to have that part of the farm sorted though. 

Not sleeping is not good - it affects our days so much - hope you can sleep tonight and get plenty of rest during the remainder of today.

I am waiting to hear back from a friend who may call in this afternoon so if that happens I hope he doesn't want to come too late as there are things I need to get done before work tomorrow especially a paper I need to finish reading before our meeting after school. It is actually an interesting read about culture and schools.

Re: Dark Skies

Sorry @Zoe7 Smiley Happy I was just impressed with the art.


teamLabBorderless - if you google this I found it brilliant and the people seem so involved with the work.


I find culture and history is always interesting. Am the family historian.



Re: Dark Skies

this image is amazing @Wanderer

Re: Dark Skies

Just googled teamLabBorderless @Wanderer  Amazing work - reminds me a bit of Vivid in Sydney - stunning light shows. 

I get really into culture and history myself so can completely understand that you find it interesting too.

Winding down a bit already tonight before I read the rest of the paper I need to - nearly finished it - only a few pages to go but was losing focus so took a break.

Re: Dark Skies

For me, it has so much freedom @Hamsolo01 

Feeling a little better today, is good to see you.

How was your day?



I am all papered out as well but not constructive paperwork, just legal stuff for property sale and centre link circus.


Much prefer studying DNA origins and learning about our journey through time, our culture and history. Actually am interested in a lot of things, will be spending a lot of time finishing my book once things settle down.


My niece and her husband arrived this afternoon, so have been off the air for a bit as well. Been a while since last we met so a good catchup.


Re: Dark Skies

Hope you catch up with your neice and her husband was a really nice one @Wanderer 

Just a quick hi this morning before I head to work. Hope you have a good day Smiley Very Happy

Re: Dark Skies

Good morning.@Zoe7

Rain has set in here along with the wind. Nice and cozy watching it out the window.

Daughter to school soon and then back into the paperwork.


Re: Dark Skies

I'm not great and also not terrible @Wanderer DNA origins are very interesting. Especially the way homoSapiens have moved about the earth

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