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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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hey @Aeiou
im hearing you on the impact of these fires. its incredibly scary.  we were in the danger zone about a week back, thankfully we aren't in that zone now but we get a lot of the smoke haze. 5 horses have just come into my care for evacuations from  further north so theres one less thing for those owners to worry about. the property im at  is basically at full capacity but I said id help with their care so we can take on a few more if need be.
its incredibly scary watching the news and seeing the updates, I really feel for those who are still in the danger zone. our family feels it quite abit as 2 of our family members (and some of their closest friends) are volunteer RFS so always hoping for good outcomes every time they are called out for another shift.
Don't give up, Christmas while its a big special event isn't as important as keeping you, family and pets safe from a fire. you and your partner can find other ways to make it special. find something that feels meaningful to you both and build on that.

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