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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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hi @Aeiou 


bushwalking is my only way of coping with my complex mental health issues. It is really all I have. It is really all I have to cope.


My beloved bush? the poor old bush & all its' endangered plant & animal species are at risk at summer.


Bushwalking is off now & for summer because it's now bushfire season & I don't believe in putting myself at risk. The SEC and emergency services have enough to deal without me irresponsiby hiking out in bushfire prone areas with high risk total fire ban days.


I fully believe in taking 100% reponsibility. I stay out of bushfire  prone areas for a good 3 months.  


If you are at risk I suggesst you do the same to minimise risk to yourself and personal property. I do.


Climate change means more severe fire events more often. I do everything I can to combat that with lowering my carbon footprint & formally campaigning to the relevent govt ministers to address carbon outputs & climate change policy reform. I really do, I'm a active campagner despite having debilitating schizophrenia & personaity disorder.


I wonder if you an have the strength to be active like me, with debitilating complex mental health problems like me?


Or at the very least you can listen to the ample warnings to evacuate on high risk days.


For urgent assistance: