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Something’s not right

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

big hugs @Shaz51 thinking of you and sending lots of love ❤❤❤

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

thank you my sister @outlander , hope you are ok xoxoxoox

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

I really love that picture you sent @Shaz51  - @Sherry 


It's beautiful




th754962HT.jpgBest thoughts


Re: Not sure what to do !!!

I think I am remembering something @Shaz51 .... were there triplets ?

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

hello  @outlander , @Faith-and-Hope , @Dec , @Sherry , @Darcy and thank you xxx


Re: Not sure what to do !!!

hello  @outlander , @Faith-and-Hope , @Dec , @Sherry , @Darcy, 

@greenpea, @Appleblossom@Adge  @Determined , @Smc 

soo hard , putting mum and mr shaz first and forgetting about me

have to make an appt tomorrow to put in a plan for me -- why do i leave myself to last xx

( am i worried, anxious . / of what health plan they have for me ) have not had a health plan for a year

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

@Shaz51  Hey Shaz51 am so happy that you are going to be spending some time on yourself and getting this much needed health plan organized. Promise pea that you be spending more time on you in the near futurexxxx

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

Need ongoing encouragement my super @greenpea  xxxx 

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

helllo @greenpea , @outlander , @Dec , @Sherry , @Determined , @Darcy , @Smc , @Jacques , @Adge , @Appleblossom 

Only had a 2 hour job today

Then had a free heart check for stroke which the chemist was displaying , get results later

And Mr shaz changed his mind and did not get it done

Took my blood pressure at the chemist  and it was 147 / 97, so the specialist  was concerned, so wants me to make a doctors appt and then she did an update with me on the computer and did a printout to take to the doctor @Faith-and-Hope 

then Went and saw mum and put her washing away and did other thing for her xx

this afternoon Mr shaz went to the doctor --he  has to get 3 sun cancers removed in October

Finally got home at 3 pm after getting some things for mum down town

relaxed for the afternoon , coffee went down quick xx

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