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Hearing you @Historylover 


Sad but I do not think many professionals realise how many discontinued numbers are handed out.  It is a disgrace, and I have experienced it a bit.


Wish I could suggest something, but I have noit found anything that is a certainty.  I am barely hanging on with NDIS support, not being abusive or them rorting system.  I found a good support wkr and physio, but I have to work hard in those relatioinships too.  I am lucky I am on NDIS, but as I have seen so many things going wrong, I am committed to betterment of the system in general, before people are assessed as disabled so much they fall into DSP or NDIS category.  Trying like mad to make this forum as positive a place as I can for those needing Mental Health support.


Take Care Apple

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