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Hello everyone.  I'm actually incredulous.  It's 2.00 p.m. and I have been on the internet since 8.00 a.m.-ish looking to find someone who is able to help me in my distress.  I'm very resilient but there are times when I need help from a face-to-face meeting - from someone with genuine empathy, and an ability to be of actual help.  Sure - I could probably find a psychiatrist or psychologist to talk to but money is hard come by and I like to get value for money. It's certainly not guaranteed and the wait time could be considerable.  I have no faith in them anyway.


I tried to find a counsellor, support group or the like from the local council.  I am absolutely giddy from trying to find someone, or a suitable service for my needs and I have achieved nothing in all these hours of searching and ringing.


One sounded promising and just what I was looking for - a women's support and discussion group.  I rang.  The number has been disconnected - and so has the service, it seems.  I have several pages of numbers and advice but nothing will be more than lip service.  These folk get paid for what is supposed to be provision of social services - yet nothing is forthcoming.  Everyone just gives another number or person to call.  Or they don't bother to ring back as promised.  Hard to believe they are dealing with people whose lives are in crisis.


What on earth do we do?  Accost strangers on the street in the hope of finding a caring ear?


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