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Hello everyone and welcome back @CathyBlueKnot and @girasole


For those that are joining us for the first time tonight, we have been speaking on the Friends, Family and Carers Forum about supporting a loved one who may be experiencing complex trauma. We covered questions including:

  • What is trauma?
  • What are the impacts of trauma?
  • How do survivors cope with the impact of trauma?
  • How is memory impacted by trauma? 
  • How can we support loved ones when they self disclose?
  • What support is available for friends and family?
  • Top tips for supporting a loved one

For the next hour we will be shifting the discussion to focus on recovery and trauma. 


I will re-introduce Cathy, our special guest, for those who might be joining us for the first time tonight:

"I’d like to thank you for the invitation to join your community tonight. My name’s Cathy Kezelman and I’m President of Blue Knot Foundation. We’re a national organization that works to empower people to recover from what we call complex trauma. Complex trauma is repeated usually interpersonal trauma (between people) such as violence, abuse, neglect or exploitation that occurs as a child, young person or adult or any different ages." - @Cathyblueknot Blue Knot Foundation Logo.jpg


We have packed lots of questions from the community into this live event, and the discussion may move quickly. We are also joined tonight by @Girasole, one of our Peer Support Workers here on the forums! You will see @Girasole offering support to members posting to this event, answering some of the questions themselves.


New to the forums or want to get involved in this discussion? You can sign up to the SANE forums and join in this conversation by replying to the posts below. If you get stuck, you can tag myself or @girasole for help with responding to the discussion.


A quick note for those who are reading along, to keep up with the conversation, make sure to continue to refresh the page to see new posts and comments. The refresh button will look something like this:

refresh button.png


This Topic Tuesday will discuss complex trauma, and other themes that may be triggering. If you are feeling distress during this live discussion, there are support options available to you. You can contact the SANE Help Centre on 1800 18 7263, or find crisis support options here.

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