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  • Author : tilaj
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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Your writing here is an act of honest courage 

Its not easy to admit not coping yet its not an unusual feeling 

Stress and struggling has been such a major part of my life that I  have accepted it is normal

I hope with all my heart that you feel the hope reaching  out to you

This is my first day  owning my illness in a public forum (all be it anonamously) 

Its a start A good start

Like you I am tired

I have had enough

I am proud 

I am usually the strong one 

None of this has served me well

I keep ending up in the same place

Hiding and skeard 

And now my greatest  fear my son may be following in my footsteps 

Thinking he is not good enough, that he is a failure, that he can beat mental illness (the exaustsive  faulty thinking) on his own

He cant I cant 

My biggest challenge today was to make it to the local shop 

Seems like not a big deal, but like you I cant keep living like this either

I didnt make it but maybe tomorrow

I do not mean to undermine your struggle Your writing helps me be honest with myself This is  not all there is.

With love through the ethernet








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