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  • Author : Warrior582
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
New Contributor

Hi there! I really relate to your post, I have Bipolar  2 with BPD traits (some BPD traits have improved over time) I also have childhood abuse/trauma, something I believe have a lot to do with the BPD traits. I was first diagnosed with major depression when I was 16. Later in life a bipolar 2 diagnosis. I do not experience full blown mania where I loose touch with reality, but rather hypomania states which includes the agitation & aggression, more energy, less sleep etc. My depressive episodes are more common, longer & get more severe in terms of life threatening compared to the hypomanic episodes, but the length of each depressive episode has improved in the last few yrs compared to the first 20yrs, i am on mood stablizers in addition to SSRI's to balance me out more. Stress is a big trigger. 
CBT, DBT, mindfulness & meditation etc are all great. I truely wish you the best with your diagnosis & treatment. Hang in there, it can & will get better with the right help & life will improve. 🙏🏼

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