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  • Author : chibam
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
Senior Contributor

Hi @P12 ,


You experiance is sort of a direct reverse of my own. I was frequently told that I needed to embrace independance (and was subsequently told that I'm hopelessly condemned to it). Nobody ever seemed interested in supporting me to find kindred spirits and forge meaningful relationships.


I agree with you wholeheartedly about it being wrong for society to not do more to help people find their own tribes. IME, it's less about what society cannot do and more about what it will not do. A lot of people just can't be bothered to help the lonely in need. But the biggest problem is that if you are surrounded by incompatable people, that means that they don't want your kind to thrive. They don't want you to form communities; to create clusters that cultivate the "wrongness" within you that they are in conflict with and give that "wrongness" a noticeable presence within society. And they certainly don't want us to fall in love and - god forbid - breed with one another.


But divided we fall.


You only have to look at the lack of any serious measures in our society to cultivate meaningful relationships to know that lack of willingness is a huge factor in the problem. And I've found that many people are often quite forthright about how unwilling they are to help the lonely find their home.


How often do you hear someone ask someone else "What sort of person are you into?"



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