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  • Author : Lostandalone
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
Senior Contributor

Welcome to the forums @September  and I echo what the others have said... well done for taking the first step and getting some help.  
do not put too much emphasis on the diagnosis.... they are just guide words.... and don't put too much pressure on yourself because of these words 

this is just a bump in the road... take a deep breath... and when/ if you do go to see a psychologist/counselor... be honest about your feelings and thoughts...


if you need to talk or you just want to offload there are plenty of people and places here where you will be heard and supported.  Take a look around the forums.

you may not always get an instant answer or reply... but rest assured that someone will be around at sometime to offer a virtual hug... to virtually sit with you holding your hand... or just to chat about anything 



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