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  • Author : SarahP13
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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Hi @NatureLover... yes thanks I have talked about it to GP/psychiatrist/psychologist/psychotherapist... none of them can explain why...  I used to take medication before and it used to work, however I went off it in late 2017...definitely my biggest mistake thinking that I could handle life without it...being an empath I think the medication numbed down a bit of my sensitive nature which was a good thing in hindsight... so now meds don't work & I've tried several antidepressants + antipsychotics when I went into a private mental health hospital...  I was also given ECT treatment earlier in the year & that didn't work... it's so tough knowing that my life will never be the same & that I now feel like I took everything for granted... my husband & I used to go out for dinner ourselves & with friends & family & have a few drinks & laughs (and sometimes I wouldn't drink, however it's nice to have the option) and now I cry everyday & have suicidal thoughts at times...I have no relief from the prison of my thoughts... of only meds would work...😢  previous to this happening I was a happy person & could never truly understand why people took their own lives - now I can...😢. Sorry to be so depressing and I know I should be grateful to be alive it's just my life is now the opposite of what it was... 

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