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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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Hi @Sans911 

It's both. Breathing is difficult with the smoke and the constantly changing conditions in our area are hard to see. The bushfires are about 5km from us now and we've had towns already affected and I don't see an end to the bushfires as we live surrounded by national parks and the fires are growing fast. We're ready to leave if the call comes for evacuation. It feels like it's just another thing I cannot cope with. I jsut try to keep busy and numb myself. I've pretty much cancelled christmas, no decorations, no tree, it just seems all pointless at the moment. Not like it would have been a big christmas, we don't have friends anymore, they all dwindled away since I became sick and it's only my partner and me. I just want to sleep until the new year or just give up.

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