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@greenpea  the way i understand it is that with Bipolar 1 you shouldnt have psychotic symptoms unless you are in a mood episode and that the psychosis is a result of the mood but that the psychosis only comes when you are manic or depressed or mixed but NOT when your mood is stable. 


Shcizoaffective is when you have mood symptoms found in Bipolar but you experience psychosis OUTSIDE of a mood episode ASWELL as when you are in a mood episode.


and Schizophrenia is when you have psychosis for a period of time longer than 6 months consistently and you can have mood symptoms in schizophrenia but the mood is driven by the psychosis where as it is the other way around in Bipolar. so Schizophrenia means the mood is caused by psychosis and Bipolar 1 with psychotic features is the psychosis is caused by the mood. 


it also has to do with the length of time you experience different symptoms. I hope this made sense if i could draw a huge chart i would but anyway hopefully that helps. 

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