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  • Author : Denv12
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  • Topic : Social Spaces
Senior Contributor

My water bed leaked and was damaged so its now been disposed of.I donated most of the good timber but had to throw out the damaged timber responsibly. I thought about those air beds with built in air pump.I need a queen size bed.I looked around online.Prices for them at the moment around $150.I read the reviews too.I'm tempted.

Has anyone used the air beds as a spare bed for guests or even for themselves as a cheaper alternative to used beds and mattresses? In my case it would be a long term use. I could do it the old fashioned way buying a real bed mattress and putting it on the floor.I did tat years ago.Very low bed.

Would appreciate some suggestions.I'm on a limited budget of about $150 plus.I'm still saving up slowly.

Regards @Denv12

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