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Yes, I am so glad they have been there for you @Zoe7 . That was wonderful, and I hope it helps you to feel closer to each other ongoing 💕


As much as my hubby’s family would prefer to believe that he is not unwell, and the fact that his unwell behaviours - those that can be seen - are ones that are idolised by society generally, if he does suffer a health crisis I know that they would all rally around immediately to do whatever they could to help.  It’s just really sad that it will take some sort of collapse for anyone to be able to see the big picture.


I am getting sleepy now, and I have to leave early tomorrow to pick up some materials on my way to class, so I had better head off now ..... are you going to be okay ? 


I know @Maggie is a night owl, so she might still be up, and if @Sherry is around, she is now on WA time .....

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