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  • Author : Skantz
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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves



My apologies I misread the post


I am from a mixed heritage but should you see me there is little doubt. I have apart of Australia that beacons me. It is rugged little gorge that seems to call me into space. Don't worry I would never step off. For me this was answered years ago.


I feel I have pushed the alcohol back into its box and only get bitten from time to time. The lesson I learnt was that when you really need a drink is exactly the time you can't afford to. It won't end well. My dad was a functioning alcoholic and would self medicate most nights but always make it to work. I sometimes wouldn't make it to work.


Were my misunderstanding is, is that this time around I am a willing participant trying to support my partner. But feeling drained and trapped looking for my time on country but not being able to relax to receive the healing.


I am happy to support my Beautiful Lady but am in need of a little "therapy" my self.


i hope you have someone willing to share the load. Although my burden was not huge I carried it alone and would not wish that on anyone.

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