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  • Author : Ramble
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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves
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I may be incorrect here, you sound of Aboriginal descent ✌️


The bush/nature is the best place to be to CONNECT. If you can do it and are able, I'd suggest going for a few days. I've had my battles with alcohol in the past. It was a huge part of my life. I am a recovering alcoholic and recovering drug addict.My last drink was NYE 2016. I relapsed with drugs in 2016 as well, but got back.on track. 


I did it all myself with no support, no AA or NA and no therapy. I know I will never pick up a drink again or relapse again, BUT it took so much hard work. I understand. 


If you can, watch The Beach on SBS on demand. Documentary. 


My thoughts are with you. 

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