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  • Author : LostAngel
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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves
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hi everyone between yesterday and today things have been busy in some ways            feeling tired now,practically been out driving,running erands,going to social event for most of the day,sometimes felt overwhelmed by just needing to talk and be social in the multiple everyday situations,found the most enjoyment from listening to music as I drove around,ended up having a breathe test from police but no alcohol in my system sometimes I get a bit timed or scared around authority though even when I know I havnt done anything wrong,sometimes Im really quiet instead of talking,just tired, although it is good to be busy,also seem to be better at asking for help as needed in the practical everyday sense,not so much in the emotional sense,geuss Im still really handling things on my own as much as possible in some areas of my life,of course I dont have to tell people everything,maybe working on my boundaries a bit,the weather was nice and sunny,seems to be that loved ones are seeing me and making me feel heard finally and noticeing when I need their support which is very appreciated and needed,although Im slow going about some things cause thats how Im just needing/wanting to be at the momment Im gratefull family are being patient yet present for me which I think is sometimes what we all need,the best thing right now is that the person I felt I needed to talk to the most is being patient and present and just continueing to check in and ask questions which makes me feel cared for. LostAngelHeart

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