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  • Author : Ramble
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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves
Senior Contributor



I really appreciate you hearing how tired and devastated I am  I also appreciate you hearing how lost and alone I feel. 


I feel all those things and go even deeper into myself when people say nothing or stupid things if I open up about it. That's how tired I am, just can't be bothered wasting my time. 


I still don't know if I have any right to feel appreciated it if I'm asking too much? I'm very confused. We all want to feel loved. I guess I'm questions that too since I'm going through the horrid time if questioning things I did as a child and young adult. Who was me, was it really me, was I doing it so I could be loved, and so on. I'm trying to understand what us healthy what is not, what are realistic expectations, what are not, should I have expectations or should I not. 


Thank you for holding a fistful of hope for me @Maggie  


Enjoy the rest of your day. ♥️💚🧡

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