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Just thought I'd ask about the following.  No obligation to answer but it's on my mind today.  I'm wanting to write a piece about grief.  I recently became swamped by it just because someone gave me a card for Christmas with a particular image on it.  I have quite a few anniversaries myself and also times when grief crashes in on me in response to unexpected triggers.  I know what it can feel like for me.  And how it isn't only about a person we've lost, it might be about what our life could have been if not for ....., how a relationship turned out different to what we'd hoped....coming to terms with a new diagnosis for ourselves or someone close to us ....... or whatever it's about for you.

I'm wondering what it feels like for others, physically and emotionally/mentally, and what sort of events have caused it and what things can trigger it to surface again over the years.    You might just be interested in this discussion.  Please all feel free to invite others I haven't tagged who might have something to say.  I'm just tagging the people I know best who know more people here than I do, not because I think you have these experiences necessarily.

@Mazarita @Appleblossom @Faith-and-Hope @greenpea @CheerBear  @Shaz51 @Razzle @outlander @Exoplanet @Teej @Faith-and-Hope 

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to share.  

NB I'm not any sort of research person from any organization or anything, I'm just another person with lived experience and I've been on the forums for over 4 years.

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