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  • Author : LostAngel
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  • Topic : Our stories
Senior Contributor

sometimes when we start new experiences or relationships or goals or whatever we can be so hard on ourselves cause instead of foccussing on the good things,the things weve learnt we keep being hard on ourselves about everything we think we are doing wrong and things that we see as mistakes but not everything is a mistake some things are lessons we learn as we keep trying to achieve something wether its a goal to find love or a goal to fix your house,find the best Job or the best car,or holiday plans,sometimes to get to the best one or best person or best thing you have to go through the jouney of all the other experiences first and only then do you find the best destination,the silver lining,the good person who was there all allong you just hadnt known them or seen them yet for the good thing or person they are,anyway Im not saying that Ive found the right person for me yet,but I do have to keep looking,keep trying and just actively be looking to find this person ,the best person for me,and along the way there has been many mistakes already but its all part of the journey to finding this person ,this man who is right for me,sometimes I dont stop to think that during all this theres alot ive already learnt about people in general,about myself and about men ,some things Ive learnt so far is there are alot of bad people,but there are alot of good ones too,there are some very selfish and disrespecting people ,and there are some people that respect themselves and respect you,there are some very posesive controlling types who are only about themselves and having what they want from you without even thinking about how you feel or how it could affect you in the long run,there are others who are very kind and wont even think about using you for their own gain and its those ones who are ok with stepping aside and letting you go on your own terms,there are some who simply just want to be friends and nothing more than friends and thats ok too,there are so many different people in the world and different is good ,variety is good we all need to be our honest unique selves even when its hard to be ourselves,Ive learnt to let my heart break at times and other times be happy and laughing,Ive learnt to trust myself ,trust others ,be vulnrable ,put boundaries in place,learning who to leave and when and why I should leave them,who to spend time with and who are best to straight away ignore messages from,Ive had some really great times I wont forget and others times Id rather forget completely,learning what risks to take and what risks not to take,what and who I like and what and who I dont like its a long journey but I will get there one day and find him one day.HeartHeart

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