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  • Author : SJT63
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Hey @LostAngel ain't that the truth about families. My lot are fine and I really like his family, but there's a lot of past baggage for  him with his sister that always brings him undone for days afterwards.


This year with the state borders being so volatile I convinced everyone that we'd just go down on the day (about 3 hours each way) rather than stay 3 or 4 nights and everyone was able to keep it together for the few hours we were actually there.


Otherwise Mr S would have spent a lot of time hiding and self-loathing as well, and then taken to his bed for a week after we got back.


Small doses is the answer.


Conflict is horrible under any circumstances and when it is between people you love I know my first instinct is to run and  hide.


I'm truly sorry it all went pear shaped for you and I hope that you'll be able to move on soon. My experience is that things that are huge in my own mind barely register with the people I think I've offended or hurt. 


Forgive yourself. 

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