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  • Topic : Our stories
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I have been married for 30 years with 3 children..and a grandson.. we recently found out my husband has been cheating  for 6 months with a woman 15 years younger . He  shows no remorse and no intention of coming back .. We are a prominent family in a small town .. most of our friends either work with him or drink with him .. this means his social circle hasn't changed while mine is now almost non existent .. Our friends have been very quick to accept this new woman as many of the men have done the same thing in recent years ...  A lot of money , a lot of ego and no rules for those in the " boys club " For some reason I thought we were different .. I never saw this coming .. we are in our 60s and I was looking to retire to what I thought we be a comfortable family chapter with some travel opportunities enjoyed together .. I am feeling betrayed , humiliated but ultimately lost and alone as .reality sets in . He is the love of my life and I admired and trustedhim , and thought it was mutual .. my children have been amazing but ultimately they have their own busy lives ... I feel so lost ...

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