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  • Author : Appleblossom
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Light heartedness is important. I get that, and have managed in last 5 years to laugh a lot more than I ever thought i would, which is partly due to my "forum-life". A clean laugh with joy and openness. 


No worries @nashy and @Tortoiseshell  Troo confeshuns huh! 


There will never be one way to reach all comers on a site like this. I understand and respect that.  Keeping the discussion online allows for transparency and gives permission for other to intersperse themselves in the spaces as they feel. That is part of the wonderful organic nature of forums.  I doubt I would have written about my response to the gifs if @Always-hope had not posted. It was the weird unexpected shock of it that surprised me. I got over my reaction, but also thought others, especially of my generation, may have felt similarly.  With humour it is very individual, as the emotional response is often a complex of thought and emotion.  Maybe Beauty and Humour are merely in the eye of the beholder, and not an absolute.


Cheers Apple

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