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Thank You @nashy for the reminder of self care and also whoever shared the self pity verses compassion post Maybe thats why Im sometimes feeling as though thinking of myself is selfish to do so Id rather just give my all to others instead if that makes sense maybe I get mixed up between wether Im being Compassionate or just pittying myself and t be honest I do do both ,Particualery in trying to keep showing those around me that Im in control of things even when maybe Im not which is exhausting to say the least but yes its a ballancing act of on the one hand needing to take care of our own needs but also making sure we dont self indulge too much and I guess Id much rather encourage others rather than have others encourage me cause I dont want to be pittying myself Id rather be the one feeling sorry for others is that makes sense and maybe sometimes I try to hard to appear as though everythings put together on the outside while on the inside not always expressing what I truely need to express to people which is frustrating but I very much am no responsiblity either when it comes from being responsible towards not only my actions but a huge idea of me needing to be responsible for others as well so I guess that means I can one extreme or the other extreme of giving all or giving nothing,its very hard for me to let go of some responsibilities and just have fun 

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