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Over the years, I've learnt to tame my anxiety by doing what scares me the most. I'm not referring to dare-devil antics, but rather, self-implemented, self-monitored, self-regulated 'exposure' therapy.


For example, I used to develop a severe anxiety around crowds. Self-talk enabled me to slowly introduce myself to crowds. I held my head high, walked in, and walked out. Slowly, the time of exposure increased. I still get an anxious twitch around crowds, but I get myself in there because I no longer want to be ruled and paralysed by my own anxieties.


For this to work, you must be ready. No one can or should make you face your fears if you do not feel ready.


On a lighter note, I hate dirty dishes. I end up washing every little spoon, fork, cup so it doesn't reach the sink. This became an obsession where I spent so much more time cleaning than was needed.....what did my psychologist say? "Make sure you leave at least one dirty dish in the sink each day before you head off to work."

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