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@Lulia Thats a tough one, and ultimately no one can make that decision besides you. Can't imagine how difficult things are for you all right now.


Is your son in a state of psychosis currently? Is he a threat to the safety of anyone, including himself? What kind of ongoing care did he recieve after being released from the mental health "care" team. What support did you and your partner have in place for yourselves as well?


I'm cringing that he's gone off medication cold turkey, that's never a good idea. But you've said he didn't do well being on the medication. If he is admitted and medicated again, will the cycle continue? Or will they explore different medications and approaches to managing his condition? It's not going to benefit anyone if they try to repeat something that only worsened his condition.


Is it possible to have an open conversation with him? Telling him that things can't keep going the way they are and you all need to get some support to work through this. Telling him he either needs to start taking steps towards managing his mental health by seeing a GP/psychologist or the reality is he'll wind up in hospital again.


It's OK to place boundaries with him, he shouldn't be running the show. In the end it doesn't benefit anyone. The current situation doesn't sound sustainable. If he isn't willing to get himself some help, then intervention may be necessary. I'm just hesitant with that given you said he seemed to go backwards being medicated and in Hospital. If it comes down to that, take the time to talk with his team and express those concerns about how it all went down last time.


I know there's a few forum members on here that have experienced hospitalisation so I'm hoping they will chime in here with some insight that will be much more helpful than I can be here.


@Moderator I can't 100% remember the names of forum members who've talked about hospitalisation but if you know of anyone that'd be able to help out here can you please tag them in

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