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  • Author : Lulia
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New Contributor

My 23 year old son was psychotic a few years ago and was on antipsychotics for 2 years. He was miserable and suicidal on antipsychotics. A year ago he was discharged from the “care” of the mental health team.

He went cold turkey off anti psychotics. Seemed much happier and worked hard trying to get a job. After 6 months unable to find a job he started drinking heavily. He moved back home at Christmas.

He has given up all, alcohol, and cigarettes and lives an isolated life with his dad and I. He is getting more and more irritable. Says he hates my husband and I. He can’t cope with noise, in the house or neighbourhood noise.

He refuses to see a psychologist, gp or private mental health assistance. 

We have checked what the community mental health team will do if we request their help. They will arrive at the house with police and he will be admitted and stabilised on antipsychotics.

Should we get the mental health to come now or wait?


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