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  • Author : Appleblossom
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Community Elder

Hello @Taylorroet 


I am not sure what to suggest.  Heavy corercion often does not work.  My mother had a diagnosis of schizophrenia and a range of symptoms at different times, but was in total denial.  Unfortunately it made a mess of my family.  It was def not all her fault, but the rigidity of thinking and reality of attachment and abandonment issues are still plyaing out 5 years after she has passed.  I loved my mother, but maybe more than she was actually capable of loving and hearing other peoiple's needs.  Maybe it would help if you could talk about it with more senior family members.  An eg when I was trying to breast feed my first born, my mother mocked my efforts and boasted about not being a cow.  Yes I knew all that ... weary sigh ... it will not be easy for your cousin ... other approach could be just support the cousin and baby in the best way you can without taking on too much responsibility, and live your own life ....that way you will not be accused of going behind back of aunt ... 

Not easy situation.

Take Care Apple

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