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Good afternoon everyone Smiley Happy I was hoping I could receive advice on how to go about this situation (it is quite long so just putting that out there)

Basically my Aunt is extremely schitzophrenic, and extremely paranoid. She is not diagnosed but shows clear signs. The problem is that she refuses to believe she has schitzophrenia. I think deep down she knows, and therefore the voices in her head tell her she has it. However, she thinks it's a ploy to put her in a mental hospital. She thinks there are real life people trying to send her insane and make everyone think she is mentally unwell, except these people aren't actually there. 

I know this because she treats Facebook like her diary. You could just scroll through her Facebook and it's status after status after status. Ranging from a paragraphs long to essays long. She writes about everything. What the voices tell her. How they tell her she's fat. Or how she will never compare to her sister (my mum) if I keep going I could go on forever. It's crazy how many new things she posts about. 

She has an aggressive past and has hurt people before (using her fists and weapons) She could be a danger to society if anyone were to tick her off which could be pretty easy. 

My cousin (her daughter) has just given birth to a baby, and so she is very fragile at the moment. The severity of this is that my cousin doesn't even trust her own mother with her baby and is too scared to tell her in fear of what she'll do. 

My aunt is not in contact with her mother, but does talk to my grandfather over the phone where she'll tell him about the voices. My family have told her time and time again so seek a psychologist where she can talk to. She is too paranoid to see one in fear she'll be put in prison.

The whole problem in this situation is that she will not seek help no matter what. She is in denial. Simply being there for her won't work. She will be like this for the rest of her life if she does not get help. It has been like this for years. 

My grandfather doesn't have the heart to involuntarily admit her. And my grandmother doesn't want to seem to have anything to do with it. So they palm her off to my mother (her sister) and tell her to do something about it. We also live 6 hours away so it makes things extremely hard.


Personally, I think she needs to be involuntarily admitted if she were to ever get better. I miss my Aunty before all of this. And I think the only way she will realise she actually has schizophrenia is to go on medication and recover. But also if this is the only way how do I go about this? I am only her neice. But no one else besides my mother and I will do anything. Everyone's scared for her. I can't imagine how it makes my cousin feel who has just had a baby. Anyway I apologise if this was too descriptive or long but I'm looking forward to your responses. Thanks heaps

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