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Hi @Skantz and welcome to the forums 👋


Here and listening too.  All we can do is offer who we are and what we can manage in the moment, and hope that is enough. 

My loved one is not my loved one any more - he is with someone else now, but I stayed with him and supported him as long as I could.  Thought I was dealing with an eating disorder, but apparently addictions are part of the the "real" disorder that he has.  I do still appreciate who I thought he was, and I have a lot of beautiful memories from that former life.


Long story short, our kids have been affected, so I am still here as a carer, and dealing with issues around our very messy divorce.


One very important thing I have learned on this journey though is just how important it is to care for yourself as a carer.  Ask this question periodically ..... "Who is caring for the carer ?" and see what you can answer.  We can't do the work of the professionals, but we do a very important job

that the professionals can't do, and that is to walk along with our loved ones, and let them know they are our loved ones .....


That wasn't enough with my soon2bx's apparent condition, because it involves wearing a mask and "mirroring" ..... copying your behaviours and values back to you so you think you have found your soulmate ..... but I have also learned how strong I am, and how special this community is in the powerful support offered here.


Welcome, and it's good to see / hear you ..... 

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