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  • Author : Skantz
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Hi Fellow travellers on this journey of life


Many years ago I needed web design and business cards designed for a business I was starting and met this bubbly friendly Beautiful young graphic designer. We were both faithfully attached to respective partners but our association continued on a business and often social basis. Fast forward to about 18 months to 2 years ago after life had bounced a few surprises at us and I suggested that we should not be sitting at home and should have dinner together.


I didn't really appreciate what was about to happen. This lady was beautiful kind smart and hard to live without. But I soon learnt that all is not as it seems. That wrist support was not for muscle pain and there was a long history of self harm written across her body


Had I not known the Lady from our business days I would have headed for the hills


But here I am.


Struggling with a health system without the right tools. I'm a tradie who knows that anytime you see blood you have usually just made a very poor judgement decision. Now I'm told by ambulance officers that it's not deep and that's just what "they" do!!


Im sorry I have struggled with forums as when I'm doing it tough I find it unhelpful to realise that there are other people doing it tougher. And usually they are!


But just telling my story has given me some selfish relief. This Beautiful Lady was transferred from a voluntary clinic into the acute care psychiatric ward because according to the doctors they weren't able to guarantee her safety!!


I know one Psychiatrist that earnt her $300/hr when I most impolitely asked why it was assumed that I was expected to keep her safe by the hospital system for six months after her first attempt to "quieten the noise" but now she has just passed the buck. She was the one with the training and expertise and I was a tradie.


Again it gave me nothing but a relief valve vent.


If you read this far I thank you for listening and I hope we all see our loved ones recover to some semblance of "functionality"

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