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Hello all and welcome!! @Shaz51 @Determined @Blue6 @Koine @patientpatient @PhD @Alex2 @eth @Nino 


For tonights discussion we are really grateful to have Greg as our special guest from Men Care Too. @Greg_MenCareToo has his own experience of being a carer which inspired him to create the Men Care Too organisation. I’ll let him introduce himself though 😎 We are going to cover some great discussion areas tonight and Greg has some valuable insight for this conversation.


For those of you who may not have come along to a Topic Tuesday event before, I will be posing questions to Greg and the community (yourselves) to respond to and encourage conversation around that!

With that said – Greg can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your interest in the experience of male carers? For the rest of the community it would be great to hear what you brought you here tonight?


Please note, if you have attended a Men Care Too event, its important to not mention your own identity as the forums are an anonymous space for members πŸ‘

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