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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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Hi @Corny 


I have been having 1-1 therapy thought this process for my own self care (maybe not enough) and historically too. My other half is having intensive therapy and has had DBT and EMDR (which is ongoing), she has weekly therapy and engages in speach therapy and with OT to try make changes. 
We plan to restart couples therapy this week. 

the issue in my case is not so much the CPTSD but the ASD communication is hard on a whole other level despite best efforts. Connection is harder to maintain and needs go not met despite best intentions.

not sure I fully understood your advice, I feel like it was to sort my stuff out first, which I really have been working on far more last two months which is what lead me here. 

as for the suicide, she is constantly in a state of suicidality. I picked her up from ED this morning, she was dissociated and telling me she wants to die and texting friends good bye, I told psych team they said ok, but she wants to try manage at home and boom she is back in my care, for me to worry about. 


we are trying she is really trying. It's just not feeling like enough. 


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