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  • Author : LostAngel
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
Senior Contributor

Last night was not good im just getting straight to what happendSmiley MadSmiley Sadfirst of all a few nights ago I slept with someone while I was feeling in a depressive state of mind this person seemed to be everything I wanted in a guy,he felt like the best guy I had gotten to know from online dating he was what I thought I needed then after having that good night of feeling wonderfull he ghosted me ignoring my messages which till that point we where both messaging daily,we had spoken on the phone as we had exchanged numbers everything well mostly everything was going well there was a bit of rockyness at times but we seemed to communicate well to work through things ,I told him about my past abuse issues which he seemed to take into consideration,we seemed to have a beautifull night together and then poof he ghosts me and doesnt say why ,so last night I got so fed up I told him off more or less telling him that Ill f#ck off from him then and a whole bunch of stuff I recorded by message and sent him I was so angry while going off at him I was shaking from anger,anyway I told him off and he hasnt shown any effort or care since no apology,nothing so I had a terrible nights sleep last night and ended up staying awake till 2am in the morning talking to a total stranger on the dating app for advice and just to vent about my personal issues,strangely enough I must have chose the right person to vent to as the guy I vented to gave me good advice,calmed me down and helped me work through my root cause of problems that keep happening for me which has thankfully given me some clarity and lessons moving forward,besides that I was very unsettled last night and this morning because of emotions getting out of control and just wanting to not get out of bed at all in fact I stayed in bed till about 11am this morning as I didnt want to move,I also ended up lashing out at a few other online dates just lashing out at lots of people,but then I also decided strangely enough to try messaging my first ever online date from a few months back nut wasnt lashing out at him I just vented and it turned out that my first ever online date was the only one to respond and show a certain leval of care,he asked if I was ok even though I was the one who stopped talking to him weeks ago he still showed some care inspite of not hearing from me for quite some time ,could that mean that hes really the one who cares for me,I dont know for sure,maybe even though first date wasnt looking for a relationship he may have actually started to care,he is the only guy with whom if I ever do talk to him he literally asks wether Im ok and knows me well enough that he can tell when Im not ok,it would be a very strange thing if I went back to him,he is vaguely apart of my life still,but anyway thats something Ill have to think about or decide on wether I give him another chance to proove himself I just dont know yet,I mean he is the only guy the first date guy hes the only one of them who hasnt completely left me,somrthing to think about why he doesnt leave completely and yet the other guys have left or always tend to leave if I dont end up leaving them that is 

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