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  • Author : db-2021
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
New Contributor

Hi Daisy

It isnt easy living with someone with a mental illness and having just separated from my ex who has undiagnosed bi polar according to my psychologist after seeing her for the last 9 months she was the one to mention if his behaviours were more than depression but maniac? It got to the stage where he was causing my anxiety issues to escalate to panic attacks because of the secretive behaviours with his phone and constant texting at all times at night and criticism of me. The crux came when he told me he was moving in with a mate as I was not letting him do what he wanted. After trying for a year to get to him to marriage counselling or acknowledge he had mental health issues it finally took someone from his work to tell him to get help. This was after he had moved out and I made the decision to formalise separation. I did this for my own mental health as I need to feel supported and have peace in my life to help manage my anxiety. This was not something he could offer and I realised that I could no longer support him and told him this. You need to do what you feel is right for you Daisy. There may be fallout from others who don't understand what its like living with negativity and irrational behaviours but for your own sake and your children think about what you want from the life you have been given.

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