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@BabyDragon  that is a tough position to be in.

It does not seem fair that your concerns are not validated by someone who should have you back 🙁


My wife and I have 3 children. Our oldest has a verified Intellectual Disability. Our youngest is currently being assessed for same.


I found it very hard to fully understand and accept our oldest diagnosis to begin with and resisted a transition to special education.  It was my wife who was keen to pursue this. 

My reluctance was based in the belief that aiming high should result in a better outcome for our little man.  And I believed the school was doing a good job in supporting our son. (In our case there was also some unhelpful interference pushing my darling for the transition in their own interests, not tha tof our son that had me on a defence). 


I share this not to justify your partners lack of support but to say that it may be out of thinking he is doing the right thing rather than pure ignorance or stigma.  If I could start again I would definatly do things differently. Hopefully your partner will come around with time...

Is he opposed to your little one repeating year 2?

Our S1 repeated prep and I fully supported that decision despite failing to understand the full extent of his challenges. 


Also as long as the school has the right supports your little one will progress with or without a diagnosis.  We are really happy with how the school our youngest is is starting next year say they can support him and he is as yet without a diagnosis. 


Also as we are going through this process again now we have been told that a confirmed diagnosis is hard to achieve at a young age. As time progresses and more evidence is compiled you may be able to get some form of diagnosis at a later date if it is necessary.


I hope this helps in some way. 

Please ask any questions you have and I will answer them as honslestly as I can where I can. 








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